Locating London’s Past is live!

We’re delighted to be able to announce that the website for Locating London’s Past has now been launched at


Murder cases 1720-1740 from the Old Bailey Online, mapped

Locating London’s Past provides an intuitive GIS interface enabling researchers to map and visualize textual and artefactual data relating to seventeenth and eighteenth-century London against John Rocque’s 1746 map of London and the first accurate modern OS map.

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2 Responses to Locating London’s Past is live!

  1. http://www.locatinglondon.org/ seems to be down at the time of posting.

    If you are interested in the in-broser reprojection technology used here


    let me know.

  2. Sharon Howard says:

    Hi Bill,

    If you’re being redirected to a page at shef.ac.uk/hri/locatinglondon with a message ‘the page cannot be displayed’, it’s apparently a caching issue – you need to clear your browser cache and try again. The site seems to be OK, but if you continue to have a technical problem you can email hri@sheffield.ac.uk

    I’ll pass on the URL!

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